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Successful California business mediator and conflict management consultant brings creative solutions to your organization and business

Wawra Business Mediation Services creates solutions for company conflicts through mediation, peacemaking, and team building, for various size companies and organizations throughout Southern California.  Steve’s vast international experience enables him to seek successful resolutions for culturally sensitive conflicts, especially companies with Asian ownership and/or management.

Whether your company or organization needs help to settle a dispute involving the company, restore employee working relationships or improve existing team functionality, Steve has the talent, knowledge and experience to address your company needs.

Experienced Attorney and Business Mediator

With over 50 years of law practice, business mediation, conflict management and other alternative dispute resolution experience, Steve knows what it takes to reach a mutually satisfying conclusion to nearly any business conflict or breakdown of communication, trust and respect between employees.   Steve’s labor and employment experience can be applied to nearly any company conflict that affects productivity or employee morale.

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Regardless of the matter affecting your organization, Steve will meet with company leadership, human resources and other stakeholders to identify the problem, and devise a plan to successfully resolve the issue.  Steve works with companies and organizations of all sizes and industries throughout California.

Click this link for comments about Steve’s mediation services contained in an article entitled “The Dealmaker” appearing in the Los Angeles Daily Journal.

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