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Conflict Management and Resolution

Wawra Business Mediation Services – Conflict Management and Resolution

With companies of all sizes involved in various types of disputes on a daily basis, employee and employer stress and frustration levels tend to go through the roof,  This does not have to be the case when conflict within an organization is realized at the outset.  This is the best time for Steve to come in and prevent the situation for getting out of control.

In general, Conflict management is the process of limiting all negative aspects of any situation which causes conflict, while at the same time accentuating  the positive aspects of a situation in order to reduce said conflict. When Steve meets with a team involved in organizational conflict, he will hear from all sides of the confrontation, letting individuals “vent” in order to make them feel better.  From a full assessment of the situation, Steve will develop a comprehensive plan that not only rectifies the current situation, but will put steps in place that should prevent future conflicts from arising.

In some cases, these suggested plans will lead to Change Management within a company, where a total organizational restructuring is needed in order to rectify the current issue, while preventing future ones from taking place.  Many times it is the size of the company that will determine whether Change Management is in fact needed.

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