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Mediation for Litigated Disputes

Wawra Business Mediation Services – Mediations for Litigated Disputes

Steve customizes each mediation based on a pre-mediation discussion with each attorney to adopt the best approach to resolve the case. Depending on those discussions, a decision will be made whether Steve will provide a description of the mediation process with all parties in a joint meeting, or if Steve will discuss the process separately to each side in caucus. If they consider it useful for an understanding of the facts of the case, the attorneys could make a presentation in a joint session, or their clients can be given the opportunity to express their side of the conflict. Much caution needs to be used so that the attorney or client presentations do not cause an eruption of emotions affecting the mediation.

Following the introductions, Steve will work with each side in caucus to clarify an understanding of the facts of the case and strengths and weaknesses of each side’s position. He will assist the parties to negotiate in a cooperative, problem-solving manner. He will make all efforts necessary to overcome impasses and resolve the dispute, using when considered helpful a facilitative or a more evaluative approach, and if requested by the parties, a mediator’s proposal

Steve builds rapport quickly with parties and counsel. Throughout the pre-mediation and mediation session, he acts to build a trusting relationship. He is tenacious in seeking a negotiated resolution for disputes in the most cost-effective and professional manner.

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Please see the section which provides a partial list of successful mediations of litigated cases

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