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Repairing Workplace Relationships

Wawra Business Mediation Services Peacemaking in the work place – Repairing workplace relationships

Interpersonal conflicts can develop in every type of organization, from professional firms to corporations and family businesses. The conflicts arise for varied reasons, from behavioral issues (how we treat each other) to cultural or generational differences, fairness or business issues, or just resistance to change. The result is often a breakdown of relationships.

  • The key is not to avoid the conflict – it will not go away by itself.
  • Instead “nip the conflict in the bud” – resolve it before it negatively affects morale and the bottom line and escalates into litigation.
  • Steve brings peace and restores relationships among individuals in conflict, and “clears the air” in the workplace.
  • Parties can then understand and respect each other’s point of view, businesses can operate more efficiently and make decisions, and be free of gossip and negative attitudes.

Steve’s 18 years of workplace experience in legal and management positions in large and small corporations and law firms, and 17 years of mediating conflicts between parties both with and without attorneys, gives him an understanding of conflicts involving on-going relationships and the skills to bring peace to the parties.

Please see the section on restoring relationships in family businesses.

The following pragmatic facilitated steps are used by Steve to untangle the dynamic which has built up over time:

  • Discussion with each participant in private about the issues which are at the root of the communication problem. Steve listens at length until he fully hears and understands the perspective of the participant and then shares tools that will enable a positive discussion with others.
  • All participants are called together to meet in a place where a fully focused effort can take place, and Steve leads a discussion in a way that will allow each one to tell how actions, statements and other perceived mistreatments have affected that person.
  • Ground rules are established to assure that the conversation takes place in a respectful manner and that statements are not addressed in a way to blame another. Rather statements are structured to say how these actions, non-actions, and statements have affected the speaker. Saying how something has affected the speaker personally cannot be challenged. It is the speaker’s perception.
  • As feelings are fully aired and then acknowledged by the other party, an understanding of the person’s viewpoint takes place. As each person takes his or her turn to tell their issues, perceptions on both sides are changed and understanding all around develops.
  • If not in total agreement with the other person’s position, at least an understanding and respect for their position is achieved. A relationship and trust can then be re-established based on this foundation and communication between the parties can once again take place.

Contact Steve to discuss your organization’s needs and, get his recommendation(s) on what can be done to address the issue(s).

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